• Balance: some sexy watercolors


    Here’s a video of  a non-standard comic that I’ve been working on and off on since the end of August. It is non-standard in the sense that it’s wordless and that there are no panels, but it has a planned sequence of reading.


  • New comic coming: A celebration of Birdman

    In the works is a new comic done at a scale unprecedented for me. There will be a total of 12 frames, 2 huge, 2 skinny horizontal strips and 8 standard rectangles.


  • Eleanor Davis: Spectacular Watercolor Storytelling

    Yesterday, while reading the last issue of MOME I came across a story, and therefore an artist that has really struck me. Here are some previews of her work. The cleanliness of her watercolors and gouache is breathtaking.


  • Mumblings about Comics

    I’d like to think that I’m as full of gripes about cartooning as Crumb, Spiegelman and Brunetti, but I’m always going to be miles away from being the self deprecating curmudgeon that seems to be the norm in the world of cartoonists.

    Interestingly, the cartoonists I’ve met are quite different. Here in the United States, cartoonists get ecstatic when they meet someone that treats doodled images and words as seriously as they do.  The unabashed excitement that spills onto booths and tables at conferences like APE and SPX can attest to this.  Me? Well I’m a little reserved, and would rather just show someone my work than hype it up. But of course, some cartoonists are like that.


  • PIX: Coming to a Pittsburgh Near You

    I’ll be there as a vendor. Be sure to check out my wares. The venue, the Guardian Storage Facility is the most breath taking location for a Comics Expo you could ask for. Bring a friend or two because it’s going to be even more grand than last year.  I’ll keep you all posted on guests and things along those lines.


  • Evening in Segovia

    A little sketchbook spread to keep you satisfied denizens of the Crinkled world.shrimp, beer and spilled ink on the aqueduct


  • P-p-prototypin'

    Chuggin’ along prototyping the mini-comics for SPX, CCS, PIX and the Pittsburgh zine fair.

    As always, you can expect regular updates on the tidbits of tangible progress I make.more editing work has to be done on "pursuing" given that the printer stops short of the edge. As such, the other pages have to be scaled down so as to allow for ample snipping of the edges.


  • The gist of my newest comic exercise.

    As you all know, gags aren’t my thing. At least not yet. Lewis Trondheim has been a really big influence on me and his works Mr. O and Mr. I have gotten me to trying out my own distillations of gags strips.

    The comic before you needs some touching up, but for now it captures the essence of what I wanted to do. You’ll see more frames added in a bit, for now I’m getting other documents to print. The print version of this comic will be a mini comic that has one frame per page and that flips horizontally. It will be a radically different reading experience. In reality, that is how this comic should be read.

    My self imposed deadline for applying to the CCS is looming and as such, I’ve got to kick myself into a higher gear. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

    trssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh tsssssssssssssssssssss tsshhhhhhhhhhhhhh tshhhhhhhhhhhhh