• The First ToonSeum MiniCon: April 2012

    It was awesome. I’ll be doing a write up soon, so that you can get all of the juicy details. Obviously, you can expect some pictures so that you can be bummed out that you didn’t come by.

    I organized the event in under two weeks, so there sure was a lot anxiety on my part as to whether or not Pittsburgh cartoonists were going to be willing to take a leap of faith with me in changing up the notions of what a independent press expo could be like. Not to mention, whether or not anyone was going to show up!

    I’m so grateful for everyone that helped out and participated.


  • 90 Minutes of Nothing But Burns

    I’m busy, but you deserve a post, dear reader.


  • Get WRCT to the top!

    Shameless self-promotion:

    Your favorite freeform radio station WRCT Pittsburgh has been duking it out with the finest non-commercial radio stations from around the world these past two weeks. We’ve been participating in Soundtap.com’s Madness competition. A march madness style competition between noncommercial radio stations.


  • Eisner at the ToonSeum

    As odd as it may seem, Pittsburghers can find a slice of the Big Apple in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh until May 27.

    This is because the ToonSeum, Pittsburgh’s museum of cartoon and comics art, is currently presenting Will Eisner’s New York, a rare collection of original works by legendary comics pioneer Will Eisner. The exhibit chronicles the artist’s informal history of the city that shaped many of his illustrated masterpieces. Simultaneously personal and universal, Eisner’s depiction of New York City captures the nuance that the greatest of biographers are capable of.


  • Gearing up for the 1st ToonSeum MiniCon

    I’m currently organizing a comics and zine expo, The ToonSeum’s 1st MiniCon. It’s going to be the core event of the upcoming Geek Artist/Green Innovators Festival (GA/GI). It’ll be happening on April 5th and April 6th. It’s super exciting.


  • On Rachel Ries

    I’m going through a lot right now. Rachel Ries’ music is helping me go through it. I met her last week in Austin. I thought I’d share her influence on me with you.


  • On ZZK Records

    The future of music is blasting out of the sound system at Zizek Club in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At Zizek DJs and producers mash-up Cumbia, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Electronic Music and create a space where musicians work with new ideas and the chance to show what they’re doing in the current music scene. Arguably the hot bed of the borderline avant-garde transformation of the Latin American sound of Cumbia, Zizek Club has created whirlwind of energy in just a few years time and has spawned the acclaimed record label, ZZK records.


  • Native Pennsylvania: A Wild Flower Walk

    Hunt Institute’s collection of plants and watercolors takes viewers on visual tour

    There are few things in life more delicate than wildflower blossoms and the soft splashes of watercolor on vellum.


  • Pets Reign at Warhol Exhibit

    Thanks to a recent partnership between the Andy Warhol Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, fans of cats, dogs, and Andy Warhol can experience Warhol’s 1976 ode to man’s faithful companions: the Dogs and Cats print series.


  • New Project: Analyzing how folks read comics

    The biggest thing that I’ve been up to here in the ivory tower is work related to developing a way to quantifiably analyze how people read comics.