4 panel comic that references Toni Morrison's 1993 conversation with Charlie Rose urging people to think of anti-racist work as the responsibility not of Black Americans but that of White Americans.

History is not the past, history is the present. We carry our history with us. To think otherwise is criminal. -James Baldwin

Nothing fancy here. Just a straighforward public service announcement.

Whiteness is a dangerous, violent concept. It isn’t about skin color. It’s not even about race. I mean, it is, and it isn’t. Fundamentally it’s the symbol of those appearances and lineages used to implement a willful blindness used to justify white supremacy. Whiteness mutates as the needs of the shape of the hegemony of whiteness shifts. It’s a deft chameleon. It is about using moral rhetoric to defend exploitation, racism, mass murder, reigns of terror and the crimes of empire. It is necessary to justify the sins needed to satisfy our ancestors’ greed and our comfort.

This is the history of whiteness. Reckon with it and see yourself as you truly are.

Then, build a better world.

For context, I’m white and latinx. I’m a first generation immigrant to the U.S.A. from Venezuela and of Spanish descent. This is my history.

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