📝This archived post is originally from my old comics focused Wordpress blog from 2011-2019. That site was a space to publicly commit to learning the art and craft of cartooning and self-publishing. These posts are full of a naive enthusiasm that though at times embarrassing, I'm proud of. I hope you find them useful in some way.❤️

Right before SPX 2012, a couple of us in the first year class at CCS decided to make an anthology.

You can check it out below in the photo I took before I handed them all out to folks at SPX. Each of the students involved created a two page comic relating to  the theme of Summer. The style and content had a really satisfying range. Nostalgia, humor, introspection, abstraction were all present. I’m proud that my fellow classmates and I are off to a strong start.

Speaking of SPX I have to say right now that I was truly blessed to see all you, my cartooning friends from Pittsburgh at the expo. To know that there were over 2 dozen representatives of the Pittsburgh self-publishing scene was really inspiring. If it weren’t for most of those folks I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I’ll certainly be posting a more in depth look at the highlights from SPX, but for now, I’m off to draw gags for Jason Lutes.