“A final observation. Comics is a river; many voices travel in it; comic after comic moves along in the exciting crests and falls of the river waves. None is timeless; each arrives in a new historical context; almost everything in the end, passes. But the desire to make a comic and the world’s willingness to receive it—indeed the world’s need of it—these never pass.
If it is all comics, not just one’s own accomplishment, that carries one from this green and mortal world—that lifts the latch and gives a glimpse into greater paradise—then perhaps one has the sensibility: gratitude apart from authorship, fervor and desire beyond the margins of the self.”

Adapted from Mary Oliver’s, A Poetry Handbook. Revised in 2019 for a presentation at SPX to replace “poetry” and “poem” with “comics” and “comic.”

I keep returning to this sentiment whenever I try to figure out why I’m drawn to making comics and teaching their creation, let alone caring about comics. The world of comics as a commodity form is heartbreaking when you know that a better world is possible…

In many ways, I think of this little bit of remixed writing as a manifesto on why I think comics making matters.

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