Are you looking to find your own personal comics making practice? I can help.

Ongoing Courses and Clubs on Hyperlink Academy

🌀Comics Making for Life

A month-long comics-making intensive for 6-12 students. Using tools and concepts from comics and visual language theory, students develop comics-making practices that suits their unique needs. Learn more.

✏️Comics Making for the Rest of Us

An 8 week long international comics making club aimed at building creative solidarity and exploring the medium. Features live weekly drawing + writing sessions and forum based discussion. Learn more.

Private Tutoring

Coaching and Personal Bootcamps

Whether you're an eager novice who needs help learning the ropes, an aspiring comics careerist who needs help finding your authorial voice, or an avant-garde comics poet who needs a good first mate on their creative journey, I'm here to help you get where you want to go with comics.

Rates vary based on invidual needs. Payment plans available.

Send me a message if you'd like to learn more and schedule a free initial session with me.

Ways I help comics makers:

  • As a private comics coach that will:
    • identify the most useful educational resources for your growth.
    • offer personally tailored warm ups, drills, along with comics form and structure exercises.
    • provide guided readings of essential works with an eye to your unique needs and aspirations.
  • As a personal editor to help you get your work to the finish line
  • As a spiritual guide in developing your ideal personal arts practice

Flexible offerings:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly

My teaching philosophy.

As a teacher, I strive for my students to synthesize and translate their lived experience. Through active engagement in their visual culture, I push my students to become active and engaged creators of the world around them. Iteration is essential to this growth for students. I believe the best learning, when it comes to comics, comes from doing.

Youth Tutoring

Comics lessons can help put you or your child on the path to a lifetime of writing and drawing.

For beginners of all ages, my goals are simple and include basic comics composition, tool use and technique and the creation of simple rhythms and stories. A big part of my approach for all new makers is helping them to create something that they know and love early on in their experience, providing a sense of accomplishment and inspiration.

For intermediate and advanced makers I work to help them see that there are infinite possibilities with this supremely versatile medium. Some of my students go on to learn to self-publish via zines and mini-comics, some dive deeper into visual communication, others begin working on collaborative publishing with or on to honing their illustration skills for career oriented use.

Private Lesson Rates
Rates are by the month (Average of 4 lessons):
Weekly hour lessons - $200 per month
Weekly 2 hour lessons - $350 per month

Contact me if you'd like to learn more and schedule a free initial session with me for your chile.